Direct Animal Action (DAA) started the Stop Craddock Farms campaign mid-2014 after locals from the community of Patumahoe reached out for help.

The community wanted to stop Craddock Farms building a giant colony cage hen factory farm in their small township. They strongly opposed the build for many reasons but their most prominent concerns were animal welfare, environmental degradation and the inevitable stinky odour that permeates from intensive farms.

The locals ran their own successful campaign to stop the factory farm and were instrumental in Auckland City Council’s decision to decline the proposal early in 2015. The council declined the consent on grounds of the offensive odour the farm would emit.

Direct Animal Action ran a strong complimentary campaign based on the call to stop Craddock Farms building one of the biggest colony cage farms in New Zealand because, as a country, we should be moving towards phasing out cruel cage farming rather than entrenching it for decades to come.

A number of successful protests were held at the Craddock Farms shareholders office in Whangarei and at Craddock Farms in Pukekohe. The campaign generated a series of positive media articles and worked to create public debate about whether the farm should be built or not and the ethics of farming hens in cages to produce cheap eggs.

The campaign also ran a petition (in co-ordination with the Matakana Animal Sanctuary) that gained more than 10,000 signatures to the majority shareholder, Walter Yovich, asking him to please reconsider his investment into caged cruelty.

Craddock Farms appealed the Auckland City Council’s decision to decline the build. The hearing was held in the Environment Court on 26th November 2015. Once again Direct Animal Action joined with Patumahoe locals to oppose Craddock Farms attempt to build their giant, cruel, stinky factory farm. An energetic 80-strong protest was held outside the Environment Court which generated positive media coverage.

Several months later we got word that the Environment Court had declined Craddocks appeal meaning that DAA, the Patumahoe locals and the thousands of hens who would have been caged in the proposed hell hole had WON!!

The Stop Craddock Farms campaign was a massive win for people power and showed big industry that it should think twice before trying to steam roll over local communities.