Direct Animal Action is a community of passionate activists. We aim to empower people by providing a supportive group structure to facilitate and drive direct action.12313574_1234923996521211_5884600688946530461_n

All animals deserve to live their lives free from exploitation and abuse. Through direct action campaigning we will confront and disrupt the practices that cause animals to suffer.

Animals currently lack the legal and social standing necessary to protect them from harm. Direct Animal Action will challenge the current system to create robust laws and values which reflect the moral imperative that we must break the cycle of exploitation and abuse animals are forced to endure.

Direct Animal Action aims for abolition through reform.

We are an open community. We believe that animal rights and social justice are part of the same philosophy of reducing harm. No individual should be exposed to exploitative and discriminatory behaviour. Direct Animal Action is an ally to every living creature, and a voice for the voiceless.

Direct Animal Action is motivated by compassion and justice.

As more people become aware of the exploitation and abuse that animals legally endure, a strong animal rights community is forming. We are ready to enable this community to speak up and fight back against the dated narratives that keep animals shackled. Direct Animal Action aims to expose these issues to the public and start conversations that will swing the tide of change and end suffering.