Direct Animal Action joined the fight to end rodeo in NZ in 2015 and we’re sticking with this campaign until we win it! Rodeo has had it’s day in New Zealand – no-one wants to see animals suffer for a laugh or a cheap thrill anymore.

Along with the rest of the New Zealand Animal Rights movement, DAA are campaigning for a nationwide ban on rodeo in our country. Rodeo is inherently cruel because it forces animals into stressful situations, risking their well-being purely for entertainment.  This so called ‘family entertainment’ is nothing but a display of how to bully defenseless animals.

Throughout the rodeo season, animals will be forced into situations that cause them fear, stress and injury.  Investigations into rodeo have repeatedly shown animals being kicked, slapped, grabbed, chased, given electric shocks, wrestled, and roped. Two bulls died during the 2014-15 rodeo season and a horse and a bull died during the 2015-16 season all for what Rodeo NZ tout as an “exciting and thrilling sport…great family atmosphere”.

In New Zealand, have been found to consistently breach of the Rodeo Code of Welfare. The current laws do not go far enough to protect animals in rodeo and with the inherent cruelty involved and it is unlikely they ever could. The Animal Welfare Act purports to prohibit unreasonable suffering or unnecessary pain or distress, yet this is precisely what happens in rodeos. A 2018 report found rodeo to be illegal in New Zealand.

We want the Government to ban rodeos in NZ for good. There’s no reason why animals should be forced to suffer for human entertainment and this should be reflected in the law.


Rodeo animals are forced to ‘perform’ using different forms of torture and abuse.

Behind the scenes bullying:

  • Poking animals with electric rods.
  • Twisting the animals tails.
  • Kicking and punching animals.

Animals are terrified when they are forced into the arena, where they are:

  • Chased at high speed.
  • Roped around their necks often resulting in them being pulled through the air at speed
  • Wrestled and thrown to the ground.
  • Dug at with painful spurs.

If you’re as outraged as we are about this then please join us in peaceful protest! Over the last three rodeo seasons, DAA and other grassroots groups across NZ have held very successful protests outside rodeos that have worked to garner positive media coverage and stir up public debate about the ethics of animal use for entertainment.

But it’s not over until rodeo is banned so we’ll be back out in force this coming rodeo season, standing strong and continuing to push for a nationwide ban on rodeo. Protest details for the 2018/2019 rodeo season will be posted on our website and social media channels over the coming months so keep an eye out for the latest!