The Real Horselives of Rodeo ~ Episode 3: The Kids are Alright

Enjoy our brand new episode of The Real Horselives of Rodeo!
We all know rodeo participation is in decline. Recently rodeo clubs have been trying to recruit young children in schools in a desperate attempt to counter their dwindling numbers.
However, children have an innate sense of fairness and natural compassion for animals. Check out our new episode, “The Kids are Alright.”

Mid Northern (Whangārei) Rodeo Protest 2021

Lots of wonderful people (and three canines) joined us outside the Mid Northern Rodeo in Whangārei to take a stand against animal cruelty and call for a ban on rodeo in Aotearoa. Delicious vegan blueberry muffins were eaten afterwards to celebrate! Big thanks to each and every one of you who came out to stand…

Let’s free hens from cages in Aotearoa

This general election 2020, let’s free hens from cages. Contact your local MP to let them know you want an end to colony cages in Aotearoa. Thanks to SAFE for putting together this step by step guide on how to find, and talk with, your local MP at their website:

Waikato Rodeo Protest 2019

For the fourth year in a row we stood peacefully outside the Waikato Rodeo in protest calling for the Government to ban rodeo in New Zealand. Despite about 6 aggressive hecklers, at least two of which were under the influence of alcohol, we stood strong for the animals. Gareth Hughes MP of the Green Party…

Mid Northern Rodeo Protest 2019

We stood strong for rodeo animals outside the 2019 Mid Northern Rodeo in Whangarei despite verbal abuse and heckling we received from rodeo cowboys. We want Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to follow through on Labour’s pre-election promises to ban to worst aspects of rodeo.